Well coifed Brows are important, as they Frame your face, and complete your ENTIRE look! What's the point of having your hair, eyes & lips on par…and your Brows are SHAGGY, MIS-SHAPED & downright "manly-looking"?!!?  Brows are an EXOTIC feature…and meant to treated as such.  

The removal method we use is Threading; Done appropriately, Threading is Precise, perfect for Sensitive Skin & can remove even "Peach Fuzz"!

          Introducing…Bollywood Brows:  Our European method of Brow Shaping & Contouring collaborated with an East Indian method of removal…Enhances, Exaggerates & gives you a Shapely, Natural look…much like the rest of you!

Desire a more DEFINED Brow?!  Tired of "Filling-In" your Brows daily??  We now offer a Semi-Permenent 3D Hairstoke Brow Tattoo.  With this method, your Brows can be FULLER, THICKER, completely change the SHAPE…or give you a COMPLETE Brow Transformation (For those that may have little to no hair, due to over-plucking, Cancer, Alopecia, etc).  

Gone are the days of that gastly, stamped-on, un-natural Brow Tattoo Ink…our Semi-Permenent 3D Hairstroke duplicates "Brow Hair", while the Powder Brows give the illusion of applied "Powder" OR the Combination Brow  applying BOTH methods.  All Brow Procedures are done using a "Cosmetic Pigment", giving a Softer, Richer, Realistic Color…Lasting up to 3 Yrs.  This procedure takes 30-40 minutes, after adding a Topical numbing cream and selecting the appropriate shape that suits your features.   Rest assured…this is a TEAM effort…We DO NOT start until you have approved of the SHAPE & COLOR!!


Natural Brow Enhancement Services:   (Below are Temporary Enhancement Services lasting up to 6wks)               

              Bollywood Brows:  The FULL Brow Intervention. Your "correct" Brow shape will be contoured to your Facial features. In addition, we instruct you on how to conduct your daily Brow Growth & Natural Fill-In Regiment. $40.00  30min

                    Brow Maintenance:  This entails "cleaning" the Brow area to maintain the Shape & Growth of your Brows. (Recommended every 2-3wks, pending on your hair growth).  $12.00  15min

                Brow Tint:  Using a Vegetable-based Tint, your brows are tinted, giving a Softer & Filled-In look.  $20.00  15min


Semi-Permanent Brow Enhancement:  It is advised to have a 2nd Session (Perfecting Touch Up – 4-6 wks) to refresh your COLOR, FILL-IN Areas that may need "Tweaking".

                  3D Brow Hairstroke (Full Brow Transformation):   This is for the Individual that has 50%/Less of their "Natural" Brow Hair and requires a complete Brow look.  After Numbing & mapping Brow Shape, the actual Procedure is only 40mins.  Lasts up to 1.5yrs.  $500  (4-6wk TU Included)  2.5hr

              3D Brow Featherstroke (Partial Brow Perfecting):   Do you desire a Natural, but FULLER, PERFECTED Brow?  Missing PATCHES or areas not growing?  This is perfect for the Individual that has more than 50% of their "Natural" Brow Hair remaining.  (Price Varies based on the amount of work required).  $300.00 & UP  (4-6wk TU Included)  2hr

             Airbrushed Brows:     This look is perfect for ANYONE as it gives the illusion of a "Powder-soft" look…No more Filling in Brows!!  The look can range from a light Hint-of-Color, to a Bold-Defined Ombre look (lighter in front to darker towards tail).   $500.00 (4-6wk TU included)  2.5hr

             Combination Brows:    Perfect Brows anyone?!  Natural hairstrokes complemented by a Powder look gives you the ultimate Brow look!!   $600.00 (4-6wk TU included)   2.5hr

Perfecting Touch Up:  (This is a 2nd Session after the First Initial Session.  In this Session, your Color is "Enhanced", Strokes may be made "Fuller" & areas are "Tweaked").

              4 – 6Weeks:  (Pending on how your skin takes in the Pigment, you "may" be required to do a 2nd Session…thus, resulting in lasting results).  $Included 

               7wks – 6Mnths:  $100

              7Mnths – 11Mnths:  $150-$250

              12Mnths – 13Mnths:  $300

            *(14+ Months will require a New Service)*


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