Threading is an East Indian method of precisely removing unwanted hair.   It has now become a world phenomenon, in which people all over the world are catching on to.  In fact, many of the world's most experienced beauty experts and photographers, will insist that their "models" have all of their facial hairs removed (via threading) prior to photo shoots.

Unlike waxing, threading does NOT damage your skin or your follicles (stunting growth) like plucking.  In fact, it is great for people that are taking acne medicine and sensitive skin. 

By using a single piece of cotton thread, your technician is able to remove the exact hair, without removing the ones that will alter your shape.  It is also the best method used to shape and contour your eyebrows…which are the main feature in altering your entire look. Nothing brings more attention to a beautiful face and eyes, than a pair of well groomed and shapely brows.  Adding threading to your beauty regimen can result in a more beautiful and exotic look.

In addition, threading can be done weekly (if need be), as it can remove the new, thin, or peach fuzz…no more waiting for it to grow out to be removed!!


Watch How it is Done:


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