Makeup has long been a ritual of women for thousands of years…tracing back to the ancient time of the Egyptians.  Since then, makeup has evolved into more colorful pieces, works of art (If you will).  It is used to camouflage, enhance, and even change the shape and angles of your face.  But, most importantly, women love how they feel…the difference that even a little lip gloss makes.

Makeup has become such a standard in Fashion, Theatre, TV…that even men are required to wear it for a flawless finish.  Above All, it still comes back to women loving how they feel…but most importantly, how we look!

Flutter has incorporated our own makeup line!  Our paraben, talc, and fragrance free line is water-based, giving flawless coverage while still light, and most importantly…skin can breathe!

We believe that a woman’s natural beauty is what makes her One of A Kind”.  So we seek to enhance that beauty, by focusing on her Amazing Eyes, Beautiful Lips or Classic Cheekbones!  This surely doesn’t mean that using bold colors are out, because we are all for that as well…but it is still about creating a beautiful “canvas” without compromising your health and beauty!  There certainly is nothing wrong with a woman getting what she wants!!!




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