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1:  Click on Mobile Booking (This will bring you to our System).

2:  Select Your Service (Lash Lift is under "Natural Lash Enhancement").

3:  You MUST Click "Any Service Provider" & Select TASHA SIMONE to move forward!!

4:  "First Available" will ONLY show Dates/Times that are available.  If you do not see the timeframe in which you are seeking, it is already Booked!

5:  Click "Set" to select Date & then Click "Search".  The system WILL inform you of the next date. Once you click "Search", it will give you the available timeslots.

6:  Select the Time…You will be prompted to create Your LOGIN/PASSWORD if you do not already have one.  Once you create your PROFILE, you are BOOKED!! At which point, I will "confirm" in my end.

**  You are required to leave a CC on File.  This is merely to "Hold" your Appointment.  At the "completion of your Service(s)", you can use whichever form of Payment you desire.  

***   We do have a 12hr Cancellation Policy for EVERY Service with the Exception of the 3D Brow Hairstroke (48hr Cancellation).   

****  Please check that your phone DOES NOT have the "Private" Browsing on in your Safari. To do so: Open Safari, Click the double squares (bottom right). Once done, the left bottom will say "Private"…click to unblock. You are ready to book!!

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